Brown calls for prohibition on state incentives that help companies move from one Illinois community to another

Decatur…Adam Brown, buy the Republican candidate for State Representative in the 101st District, order wants to prohibit future state incentives that help companies move from one Illinois community to another.  Last week, the State of Illinois announced a $15 million investment package to help Tate & Lyle move jobs from Decatur to suburban Hoffman Estates.

“The incentive package being provided to Tate & Lyle shows exactly what is wrong with our state’s current leadership,” Brown said.  “Governor Quinn is spending 15 million of our tax dollars to help move Decatur jobs to Cook County.  I will do everything I can to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again.”

Brown, a Decatur City Councilman, pointed out the economic disparities between Decatur and Hoffman Estates.

“I am outraged that Governor Quinn is helping send Decatur jobs to Cook County,” Brown said.  “We have a 13.2 percent unemployment rate here in Decatur, whereas Hoffman Estates only has 8.3 percent unemployment.  Over 8,400 families are out of work in our area.  What right does Pat Quinn have to decide which city wins jobs and which city loses jobs?  The Governor should not be using our tax dollars to help pay for an intra-state corporate move.”

Brown’s proposal would prohibit the State of Illinois from providing grants or incentive packages to companies that move jobs from one Illinois community to another, unless the State first makes public any incentive packages offered to the company by out-of-state competition.  If the State cannot demonstrate that there is out-of-state competition, then no state funds can be used to help a company relocate within Illinois.

“Tate & Lyle and A.E. Staley have a 100-year history here in Decatur,” Brown said.  “Generations of Decatur families have earned a living working for Staley.  Tate & Lyle can make whatever decision they want, but we don’t have to provide them with state subsidies to move our jobs to Cook County.  I will continue to work with city and state officials to ensure that Tate & Lyle remains a vital part of our community.”