Brown exposes Flider’s hypocrisy on illegal immigration; Flider was against E-Verify before he was for it

Decatur…Adam Brown thinks voters should be wary of Rep. Bob Flider’s new-found position on illegal immigration.  Brown, more about the Republican candidate for State Representative in the 101st District, about it has exposed Flider’s hypocrisy when it comes to his voting record on illegal immigration.

“A week ago, Rep. Bill Mitchell and I introduced legislation that would require Illinois businesses to participate in the federal E-Verify program, to crack down on the hiring of illegal aliens,” Brown said.  “A week later, Rep. Flider is proposing the same thing.  The problem is that Flider twice voted against E-Verify.  Bob Flider was against E-Verify before he was for it.”

On October 13th, Rep. Bill Mitchell filed House Bill 6924, which requires Illinois employers, after hiring an employee, to verify the employment eligibility of the employee through the E-Verify program.  Mitchell and Brown held a press conference that day announcing their legislation.

Flider responded by calling Mitchell and Brown’s legislation an “election-year gimmick.”  A week later, however, Flider has now copied their idea, claiming it as his own.

“Bob Flider has a terrible record on illegal immigration,” Brown said.  “Rep. Flider voted to give taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal aliens, costing Illinois taxpayers $55 million per year.  Then Flider voted to prohibit Illinois companies from verifying a new employee’s citizenship.  He actually voted to reject the federal program aimed at cutting down on illegal immigration.”

Eight-year incumbent Rep. Bob Flider voted for HB 1744 (PA 95-138), which prohibited Illinois employers from enrolling in the federal E-Verify program, preventing companies from verifying the immigration status of newly hired employees.  A subsequent change in state law allows employers to voluntarily participate in the E-Verify program, which is administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Flider also voted against voluntary participation in E-Verify, making Flider one of only eight House members to vote against SB 1133 (PA 96-623).

“The problem with Bob Flider is that he always tries to take both sides of the issue,” Brown said.  “He was against E-Verify before he was for it.  He was a Republican before he was a Democrat.  He was a lobbyist for AmerenIP before suddenly becoming a crusader for consumers.  He supported Rod Blagojevich before he opposed him.  Three times, Flider voted to make Mike Madigan Speaker of the House.  Now he says he doesn’t know who he’ll vote for Speaker because he doesn’t know who’s running?  Give me a break.  Does he really think voters are buying his hypocrisy?  Bob Flider stands for nothing.”