Brown & Mitchell want tougher law against illegal immigration

Help Adam Stop Illegal Immigration

Adam Brown, pharmacy Republican candidate for State Representative in the 101st District, pharmacy and State Representative Bill Mitchell (R-Forsyth) are calling for passage of a tough, Arizona-style law against illegal immigration in Illinois.

Brown and Mitchell believe the State of Illinois must do more to stem the tide of illegal immigration.  They support the new Arizona law, which gives law enforcement officials the ability to check the residency status of suspected illegal aliens.  They are launching a petition drive in support of a tougher immigration law for Illinois.

“As I go door-to-door in this campaign, I have heard from many voters who are concerned about illegal immigration,” Brown said.  “Today we’re launching a grassroots petition drive in support of a tougher immigration law for our state.  Instead of just blaming the federal government for not enforcing our immigration laws, Illinois should follow Arizona’s lead and do something about it.”

Representative Mitchell has been an outspoken critic of Illinois’ lax immigration laws and the estimated $500 million spent annually by the State on welfare benefits for illegal aliens.

“The State is broke,” Mitchell said.  “Yet we continue to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on welfare for illegal aliens.  Just this week, a new study indicated that illegal immigration costs Illinois taxpayers nearly $4.6 billion.  This comes on the heels of the state audit of the All Kids program, which showed that 75 percent of the enrollees are undocumented immigrants.  Enough is enough.”

In May, Auditor General William Holland released the results of an audit of the All Kids program, which indicated that 75 percent of enrollees were undocumented immigrants.  The All Kids program, a remnant of disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich, provides health care coverage for children, regardless of family income or immigration status.  All Kids enrollees aren’t eligible for federal Medicaid funds, so the entire cost of providing health insurance to illegal immigrants is paid for by Illinois taxpayers.

“The State of Illinois isn’t paying its bills,” Brown said.  “The State has a $13 billion deficit and owes our schools, health care providers and social services $6 billion.  Here in Decatur, our schools are owed $5.8 million.  In times like these, I think most people would agree that the State has no business giving welfare benefits to illegal immigrants.”

Representative Mitchell slammed the All Kids program, calling it an incentive for illegal immigrants to come to Illinois.

“I warned against this when All Kids originally passed,” Mitchell said.  “I was one of 28 House members to vote against Blagojevich’s All Kids scam.  Representative Flider voted for All Kids and he even said that it had nothing to do with illegal immigration.  That’s the problem with Bob.  He’s a nice guy but he’s just plain wrong on the issues.”

In a 2006 Herald & Review article, Bob Flider was quoted as saying the following about the All Kids legislation: “There is nothing in this bill talking about illegal immigrants.”  Flider further stated that “there are no more or less benefits to illegal aliens under it than there were under other state programs.”